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10 Things around the house that you should probably clean more often
About us & areas we service
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Frost guard
Fully equipped mobile teams
How we work - FAQ
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Living with cancer
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Pool & jacuzzi cleaning - FAQ
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Pool & jacuzzi cleaning - FAQ

FAQ - Swimming pool and jacuzzi maintenance

Q: "How often should filter sand be changed?"

A: Silica sand is used in sand filters and is very hard wearing and the life is not as much dependent on the breakdown of the sand but more due to the build-up of trapped debris on the sand particle. A regular (annual) chemical clean of the sand will prevent the build-up of oils, greases, scale and general debris. The best way of gauging whether the sand is due for replacement is by monitoring the filter pressure. Should the pressure remain in the red even after an effective backwash procedure the chances are that the sand needs to be replaced.

Q: "How do I calculate the volume of my pool?"

A: The calculation is as follows: Length (m) x Breadth (m) x Average Depth (m) x 1000 in litres. (Rectangular Pool)

Q: "What is pH and why is it so important?"

A: In simple terms pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline the pool water is. The pH range can be applied to any liquid and is a logarithmic scale of 0 to 14. I.e. A pH of 6.5 is 10 times more acidic than a pH of 7.5, whereas a pH of 5.5 is one hundred times more acidic than a pH of 7.5. The same applies to the reverse side of the scale. The comfort of the water and the effectiveness of the chlorine are governed by pH. Refer to water balance for more information.

Q: "Why do I need to shock treat?"

A: To remove Chloramines from the water. The building block of a Chloramines is Nitrogen which comes from swimmer wastes, thunderstorms etc. Nitrogen combines chlorine, the pool water becomes irritating to bathers and there is an unpleasant chlorine odour around the pool.

Q: "How do we remove stains, new and old ones?"

A: Fresh stains maybe removed with Metal magic. Brush pool surface for 7 days. Old stains may require more drastic treatment e.g. acid wash the surface.

Q: "Why do I need stabilizer for my pool?"

A: To protect the chlorine from being destroyed by the sunlight. Allows chlorine residuals to last longer in the pool and saves pool owners money.

Q: "The water is irritating to skin and eyes. How do I prevent this?"

A: Check the pH and chlorine levels of the pool water. Low or high pH. pH should be 7.4 – 7.6.

Q: "How long should I leave my pump running for in summer and winter to ensure maximum circulation of chemicals?"

A: 6-8 hours between autumn and winter and 10-12 hours between spring and summer

Ideal pool water chemical levels

pH 7.2 – 7.6

Free Available Chlorine between 1 – 3 ppm

Total Alkalinity (TA)

Fibreglass: 125 – 150 ppm
Marbelite: 80 – 125 ppm

Calcium Hardness (CH)

Fibreglass: 175 – 225 ppm
Marbelite: 225 – 250 ppm

Stabilizer - 40 ppm min

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